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At Wealth Managers, we believe the true “Wealth Creation” is possible only through the long-term equity investment. Hence we have also chosen the “Long-term Equity Investing” as our value offering for the PMS. This, in our belief, is the most appropriate route for wealth building. This is optimized by managing investments through several economic and business cycles and varied financial market conditions.


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Core Ideology

To be the One of the Most Responsible, Conservative, Aligned, Non-Speculative and Successful PMS House in India.

Responsible – Ethically, Morally (only if fits into our Ideology) and Legally.
Conservative – In terms of decision making and on ideology to generate long term consistent returns in a disciplined manner. May not mean we will settle for lower returns.
Aligned and Non Speculative – Aligned with clients interest and stick to core ideology even at the cost of underperformance.
Successful – Ability to generate sizeable returns over long term.

Our Value Proposition

“Investment returns aren’t a direct function of how long or hard one works or how much one wishes to earn the return. All an investor can do is follow a consistently disciplined and rigorous approach, over time returns will come”.

— As quoted by Seth Klarman in his book “Margin of Safety – Risk Averse Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor”.

Our Value Proposition has following distinct parts:

1. Our Core Ideology – It revolves around being responsible ethically, morally and legally; being conservative in decision making and targeting long term consistent returns; being aligned to clients’ interest and remain non-speculative.

2. Our commitment to follow the process and the philosophy laid down for respective portfolio Strategy.

3. In true spirit of aligning with Clients Interest, all our Senior Team members including Our Directors have made investment in to our PMS in the same manner as any outside investor.

Investment Philosophy

The Investment philosophy is designed with an intent to place our PMS among one of your core portfolios which shall deliver steady returns over long term. We think for holdings to qualify as core, the stocks need to have following attributes:

  • Strong and focused businesses run by
  • High quality management
  • Having a long run way ahead
  • Built on concentrated positions
  • Lastly, the portfolio also needs to be diversified from risk perspective

Hence our value creation process follows a distinct chronology of evaluation of Business, then Management assessment and only if these two are met, we look at Valuation. We call it the B-M-V philosophy.

Who can benefit from Equity Portfolio Management Services?

We are focused on the special needs of select High Net-Worth investors, who would have:

  • Interest and confidence in Indian equities and are interested in structuring a personalized investment program as a part of their wealth management plan.
  • Higher risk appetite and medium to long-term perspective.
  • Seeking above-average returns with an investment horizon of 3 to 5 years without being distracted by volatility and market momentum.

Our PMS Portfolio Strategies

Wealth Manager (India) Private Limited offers various portfolio management portfolio strategies which will satisfy the needs of investors to build a strong equity portfolio with a medium to long-term horizon. Following are our active portfolios:

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